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Clash of the TITANS
Who will WIN?

 So the things that have been talked about most in terms of analyzing these two consoles are obviously the ones that has gotten more exposure like the DRM, the fact that your XBOX has to stay ON  and also you can't share games or ranked them either. But above all the single most important thing that people are most likely to consider when choosing between these two great console is the PRICING. It is probably the single most important thing which can turn any XBOX fans into a Playstation maniac, considering that it is money in your pocket for an item which is more or less likely to be equivalent value, or so that's what they said. So as XBOX ONE pushes through with a price tag of $499 and SONY's Playstation 4 answers with a staggering $399 value. A $100 dollar price difference is hard to deal with especially if the hardware themselves are incredibly similar. 

I think people are gonna walk through a store this holiday season when the next generation consoles are lunched, and they'll be comparing the two consoles with the price in mind. So you're gonna have some nice package put together by SONY which will be the console, a couple of games or maybe an extra controller and it's clearly gonna cost you less money than the base model of an XBOX ONE or at least it's gonna be less money than the XBOX ONE equivalent bundle. With that, both companies are going to try to come up with as much gifts for everyone but the $100 difference is still significant especially right now when people are having economic financial issues and can't necessarily indulge themselves in consumer electronics like they once could.

So it is more likely that people who have a strong passion towards XBOX will be less attracted in shifting to Playstation 4 since they have devoted a lot of time into creating their personal identity and achievements in XBOX Live, but being strongly attached to your XBOX comes with great disappointments since XBOX will not open it's doors for FREE service anytime soon. Issues regarding online gaming will still be dictated by XBOX Live Subscription and also how far you can stretch your wallet. 

But don't worry, challenges like this makes us who we truly are, a highly adaptive individuals. What I am referring to is our ability to find an alternative solution that will enable us to continue our devotion towards XBOX LIVE and eliminate all the financial restrains that MICROSOFT has implemented. 

This "Alternative Solution" that I am talking to you is our only way to get FREE Microsoft Points and FREE Xbox Live GOLD, this new method that we use to exploit MICROSOFT of their Microsoft Points and XBOX GOLD was officially been tested by a lot of XBOX users from all over the globe and has been given a remarkable positive feedbacks since this method will not require you to provide any PERSONAL INFORMATION or ACCOUNTS just to use our method. What it does is utilize our website views as revenue using various advertisement to fund our FREE GIVEAWAYS! It is not only legal but it also helps us to continue doing what we love the most.

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